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  • How to wear high shoes look good?

    Tide men's shoes are always less than the high nike outlet help board shoes. Shoes itself is the classic shoes, coupled with high-help design for the shoe body to add a lot of elements of the trend, many street shoot people like to use high-help board shoes to wear, with a simple, and with the style and super head. So how to wear high-board shoes look good, then let us several groups of high-help shoes with the style of it High-board shoes and jeans is the most classic with a partner, casual style strong, but the high-gang shoes with jeans need to pay attention to the choice of jeans should be self-cultivation version of the type, or a large pair of jeans with high help shoes instead of wearing the grade, Help board shoes to play no advantage. How to wear high board shoes and high jeans wear, should choose the type of jeans.

    How to wear high-board shoes to look good?Choose the tide of the high help board shoes, the corresponding wear should also have the trend of breath. For example, as shown above, wearing a black leopard-style high-board shoes, highlighting the characteristics of high-gang board tongue, wearing a tattoo black pants casual pants, jacket wearing a simple but very street style black T-shirt, so The style of wearing a ride is not it cool?

    How to wear high shoes for boys, with high-board shoes classic pants than cowboy and casual pants. Simple to get started, with high to help the style of shoes is more important to the details of the mix, such as the choice of jeans and casual pants version of the type, choose the coat style as simple as Jane, because the simple clothing is able to reflect not fancy, not Style, wearing the best effect is in line with their own character.

    2017-03-27 13:39:40
  • Men's high shoes with what pants look good?

    Men with high shoes with what pants to wear the most appropriate?High shoes look like a type, but it is always worry about how to match with today, today Xiaobian for you to lift the problem, for you to bring men with high shoes with the whole Raiders, come take a look at it. Men's high shoes with a small tips:

    Men's high shoes with pants should be how to wear?In fact, high with a very simple shoe, pay attention to the color of the body plus the best not to add more than four, three colors with the best, so how to wear are more appropriate. Men's high shoes with pants choose jeans or casual pants can be, but must not choose the overalls. Men's high shoes with a small tips 2:

    Men's high-top shoes with pants, then wear jeans, canvas shoes Converse has always been the best choice, shoelas pick loose, tongue turn it, this is the more tide of the practice, jeans, if the crotch tight On the Tuo into a Tuo, the whole out of a type, in the upper, you nike outlet online can match a pants chain, it is already very handsome.

    Men's high shoes with tips Tip 3:

    Red men with high trousers with pants, then choose white or blue jeans, so bright colors, the overall effect is more prominent, is the first choice of student family or tide men.

    Men's high shoes with tips Tip 4:

    Casual taste full of dress, men with high trousers with trousers is the most appropriate denim material, especially straight pants, upper body only need a simple T-shirt can create a sense of leisure.

    Men's high shoes with tips Tip 5:

    Canvas shoes in fact how to take the line, wear out their own style the most important. Men's high-heeled shoes with trousers, of course, is the most safe and safe to wear the law. In addition to T-shirt installed, may wish to try knitted cardigan shirt and shirt with.

    Men's high shoes with a small tips six:

    There is one of the most simple men's high-top shoes with pants way, that is a casual dress with a pair of upper can echo the canvas shoes, a kind of lazy feeling, go shopping with a good match. Men's high shoes with pants to wear, if the strap jeans, you can add casual loose soft texture of the T-shirt, leisure and no lack of small details.

    2017-03-27 13:29:01
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